Children & Spirituality

The relationship between spirituality and resilience has been enquired into by academic researchers from different disciplines, especially around people experiencing death (Greef et al., 2003), violent trauma (Connor et al., 2007), war (Fernando et al., 2011), austerity (Sharma et al., 2013; 4) and chronic disease (Rodriguez, 2011; 26). Some of these studies have shown that spirituality provides meaning in life, helps people to make sense of suffering, to engender a ‘realistic hope’ and peace (Echard 2006 in Vanistendael, 2007; 127), to find a sense of support and protection, and to cope with stressors and uncertainties associated with difficulties (Tanyi, 2002; 503). However, despite this evidence about the positive contribution of spirituality to resilience and well-being, further research is needed with different groups and within more diverse socio-cultural and religious contexts, in order to validate and generalize these conclusions (Rodriguez, 2011; 26).

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About Maria: The author has over 10 years of experience in holistic development, children’s rights, advocacy and international cooperation at national and global level, with involvement in projects in more than 15 countries. She is a life-long learner, passionate about childhood, human flourishment, justice and spirituality. She was awarded with an Excellency Scholarship from the Ecuadorian Government and graduated from an MA in International Child Studies at King’s College London with Distinction.



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